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Here, you can find filters for water treatment, in industry and sewerage, and also our well-known disc-filter bags for dewatering of paper pulp. TP-Filter has more than 20 years’ experience of manufacturing and developing disc-filter bags. They are among our most complex and sought-after products, which we adapt to countless shapes and operating requirements.

With our Green-line environmental labelling, we now offer disc filters that combine high efficiency with low environmental loads. Parallel to our textile products, we see a growing demand for our stainless products that enlarge surface areas.

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Ever since we started producing textile filter products we have also helped our customers with installation of support structures like for instance wire cages in filter sleeves and cassettes. Also while developing filter bags for the paper and pulp customers one of the important factors are easy installation. To verify that our designs are the very best we have become experts in installation as well.

Now we have opened up our workshop for installation and repair services to help our customers to get the very best performance out of our products as well as in combination with their support structures.

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How to shrink a disc filter bag in 2 minutes.


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All-composite disc filter frames for aquaculture, process water and municipal water filtration

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