History seen through our filters

TP-Filter was started by Hans Erkers in 1986. Initially, our focus was on dealing in filter hoses for dust filtration and cut roll goods products for component manufacture, and also disc-filter bags for the paper industry (with production outsourced to a subcontractor). Much exciting and revolutionary development has taken place both in the company and in the world around us since then. TP-Filter has remained strong in face of all these challenges — a self-financed company that has always earned profits.


Key events

1986 Company started by Hans Erkers.

1987 Company moved into the first office of its own.

1992 First delivery for mobile telephones (IT).

1993 Johan Rasmussen joined as technical manager; manufacturing in Estonia began.

2001 IT in crisis, but sales of disc-filter bags buoyant.

2003 Recovery on IT market, while investment in stainless filters started to pay off.

2004 Major activity in stainless filters and IT.

2005 Johan Rasmussen took over 100% of TP-Filter; another manufacturing unit in Estonia was commissioned. IT now dead in Scandinavia.

2009 The two manufcturing plants in Estonia merged in Tallinn.

2010 Major investment in our own SuperSector product range for paper and pulp industry.

2011 Paper and Pulp crisis. Parallell investment and developments in our own Super-product range for the water treatment industry.

2012 Startup for a sister sales company, TP-Filter Estonia OÜ.

2013 Startup for our own stainless steel workshop for manufacturing of paper, pulp and water treatment products and service.

2014 Our export sales to China ramp up.

2015 TP-Filter becomes a member of JOB Alliance and participates in JOB Group activities.

2018 TP-Filter AB becomes a part of JOB Group AB..

TP-filter AB

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SE-194 34 Upplands Väsby, Sweden

Telephone: +46-8-594-11240

E-mail: tpfilter@tp-filter.se